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Predator 14 Battery Auto Scrubber  New! - vacuum cleaners, janitorial supplies, floor machines
Price:  $2,499.00
ISBN:  Truck
Manufacturer:  Power-Flite
Clean greener! Don’t just push dirt around with a dirty mop and cleaning solution – get the floors really clean with the compact floor scrubber that will pay for itself in savings.
Clean floors more efficiently! Let’s face it – a mop and cleaning solution in a bucket starts out clean but quickly becomes soiled, spreading dirt and debris over the “clean” floor. The new, eco-friendly Predator 14 scrubber will capture the dirt and debris mops leave behind, allowing it to be totally removed from the floor space. The Predator 14’s low moisture design includes an integrated parabolic squeegee system mounted just one inch behind the pad. Solution is contained and instantly recovered, even around 180° turns. Floors are left clean, dry and ready for use. The environment is cleaner and more sanitary! Save time and money! The Predator 14 is compact, powerful, and versatile – perfect for small to medium sized areas and confined, constricted spaces. It cleans about 11,300 square feet in an hour with a 70 minute run time. You will save significantly in time and labor over using a mop and bucket.
  • • Operating noise level of 68 dB, meets LEED standards
  • • 70 minute run time for daily maintenance cleaning
  • • Includes maintenance free gel batteries and integrated onboard charger making it simple to re-charge at any location
  • • 250 RPM brush speed cleans the dirtiest floors
  • • Ergonomic 3-position handle makes it easy to clean under countertops and operator can adjust the handle to the perfect height minimizing fatigue and injuries
 - vacuum cleaners, janitorial supplies, floor machines
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